St. Olaf Internship Cohort Programs

Apply to a college-affiliated, cohort research or internship program

Summer Programs

Rockswold Health Scholars

Clinical and research program at the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) in Minneapolis, MN. Students live together in St. Paul..

Health Scholars at the Mayo Clinic

Clinical and research program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Students live together in Rochester.

Scott Kloeck-Jenson Social Impact Scholars

Complete internships focused on social impact, public policy, and sustainability while participating in regular academic and vocational reflection. Students live together in a community house in St. Paul.

Svoboda Legal Scholars

Perform intensive legal research and serve in a legal support role to social impact oriented law.

Mayo Innovation Scholars

Evaluate projects submitted by the Mayo Clinic Ventures. For students with a background in the natural sciences, economics, managements studies or mathematics.

St. Olaf Entrepreneurial Scholars

Gain experience working in a startup or entrepreneurial environment with St. Olaf entrepreneurial alumni, accelerators, incubators, and venture capital firms.

Interim Programs

Mayo Innovation Scholars

Evaluate projects submitted by the Mayo Clinic Ventures. For students with a background in the natural sciences, economics, managements studies or mathematics. 

Norway Innovation Scholars

A unique opportunity to spend four weeks in Norway performing market analysis, evaluating intellectual property issues, and creating a strategic plan.

Ole Innovation Scholars Program

Offers an opportunity to complete market research projects for a range of areas including medical device start-ups, technology transfer, business development, intellectual property, and health insurance.

St. Olaf College – Marketing, Advertising and Digital Design (MADD) (listed in Handshake in fall, due in mid-October)

This cohort internship program provides opportunities for students who have an interest in careers within creative fields to learn about the fundamentals of Marketing, Advertising, and Digital Design, analyze and dissect case studies, and develop their own personal projects. During MADD teamwork, students will work with St. Olaf’s Marketing and Communications department to strategize and develop a real, inquiry-to-prospect marketing campaign for a campus partner.

St. Olaf College – Human Resources Special Projects Intern (listed in Handshake in fall, due in mid-October)

St. Olaf College’s Human Resources office staff collaborate with student interns on a month-long strategic project related to emerging needs within the department.  Past interns have worked in diverse areas of HR, such as training and development, compensation and benefits, job classification, resource development, and website design.

Bassett Creek Capital (listed in Handshake in fall, due in mid-October)

The private equity fund is offering two Analyst internships for January term. The Analysts will work directly with senior personnel, and will be involved in the development of investment theses for new and existing industry ideas, researching potential investments, due diligence on live deals, financial modeling of investment opportunities, deal sourcing initiatives, integration of recently acquired companies and sales & marketing of Bassett Creek.

Rebound Enterprises (listed in Handshake in fall, due in mid-October)

Rebound Enterprises/ Rebound Real Estate is a Northfield based company that has five (5) verticals including Manufacturing, Hospitality, Real Estate, Financial Services and Community.  Rebound is seeking a small team (up to four students) to first become familiar with our present real estate funds and then develop a comprehensive business plan to expand into future communities, identify the ‘key’ elements needed to create a real estate fund, and research potential communities where conditions for a partnered real estate fund are present.

Proterra Investment Partners (listed in Handshake in fall, due in mid-October)
Proterra Investment Partners is a global alternative investment manager focused on private equity investments in the natural resources sectors of agriculture, food, and metals and mining.  The fund accounting intern applies accounting learnings and obtain familiarity with internal control processes, assist team of 3 Fund Accountants with reviewing year-end deliverables for various funds (trial balance, investor allocations), performing analysis to ensure drafts of audited financial statements are complete and accurate, and preparation of auditor requests for annual fund audits.