Student Travel Support

The  CURI Student Travel Program aims to provide as many St. Olaf students as possible with the experience of presenting their research to an external audience.

St. Olaf College has allocated funds to support student travel for the purposes of presenting undergraduate research at conferences or other external meetings. Students presenting a paper or poster, speaking on a panel, or playing another role in the program of a conference, are eligible for travel support from CURI.

Research presentations are categorized as either individual or group (two or more students presenting together as part of a single project or experience). Individual students are eligible to apply for up to $1,000 of travel support for reimbursable expenses. For group presentations, faculty supervisors may apply for travel support for the whole group.

2019-20 student travel application deadlines

You may submit an application at any time, but please note that they will be reviewed within a week of the following deadlines: July 1, September 16, November 11, February 17, and April 6.

Presentations might result from:  
  • IR/IS courses
  • Summer research at St. Olaf College (CURI Program)
  • Internships,
  • DUR courses
  • Level III courses (especially research seminars)
  • Research Methods courses
  • Summer research at another institution
To be eligible for CURI travel support, students:
  • Must be a St. Olaf student returning for the next academic year, or a graduating senior (all travel must be completed before graduation)
  • Must have an accepted presentation for a conference (presenting or co-presenting)
  • Must have permission to present their results from their faculty supervisor

Funds are limited, and travel awards are not guaranteed, especially if you have traveled with CURI funding in the past. No more than one travel application will be supported per academic year. Application deadlines are listed below; applications will be reviewed on or shortly after these dates. Apply far enough in advance so you know whether you have CURI funding before you have to make travel arrangements. If you have questions about whether your proposed travel is eligible for support, please email Students and faculty are encouraged to explore other sources of funding available from outside St. Olaf. Disciplinary societies are particularly interested in supporting undergraduate research travel; you can get more information about these from the faculty member whom you did your research, or their department/program chair.

** We will no longer review applications once the travel funds have been used up; watch this web page for a notice when the funds have been used. **