How to Request Funding

Procedures for requesting travel support:

All students requesting travel funding complete the same application, regardless of whether you are a single author/presenter or co-authoring projects.

Complete the CURI Student Travel Request application well in advance of your conference date to allow time to make travel reservations. Applications for 2022-2023 will be reviewed on November 4th 2022, February 17 and April 7, 2023. Once the proposals are reviewed, you will receive email notification from the CURI Director indicating whether your request the amount of support you will receive (if any). You will receive a notification email within 1 week of the review date.

Number of presenters Who applies? How much can I apply for?
Am I a single author/presenter? The student presenter Single presenters may ask for up to $1000 in travel support. This amount will be adjusted based on need.
Do I have one or more co-authors/presenters on a single project presentation? Each student presenter requesting travel support Each author/presenter may ask for up to $1000 in travel support. This amount will be adjusted based on need. The maximum total award for group travel is $2000. Please note, students traveling to the same conference may receive different award amounts.

Arranging travel:

  • In general, you are expected to make your own arrangements for airfare, lodging, conference registration, etc. However, if it is a problem for you to incur those expenses up front, you can consult with CURI staff to see whether some reservations may be made directly through the program.
  • While you travel, KEEP ALL RECEIPTS. Receipts must be itemized meaning the receipt individually displays any/all items purchased. Without itemized receipts, you will not be reimbursed.

Before You Go: ┬áPlease review the document “Attending Professional Research Conferences”