Biomolecular Science (BMOLS)

Biomolecular science explores the interface between the traditional disciplines of biology and chemistry. Students who meet the requirements of the concentration have the opportunity to have their degree accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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Typical First Year Schedule

  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • Foreign Language
  • CHEM 121/122/125/CHBI 125
  • MATH 119/120
  • GE/Elective
  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • Foreign Language
  • BIO 150
  • BMOLS 201 (.25 credits)
  • Continue CHEM sequence
Additional Information
  • There are no courses that must be taken in the first year. However, starting in a chemistry course (CHEM 121, 122, 125, or CHBI 125) is strongly recommended.
  • Many students take a calculus course in the first year (as Calculus I is a prerequisite for CHEM 126 and CHBI 126). Some students will also choose Bio 150 for the spring of their first year. The 0.25 credit Bmols 201 (offered spring semester only) may be of interest to some first-year students.
  • Credit for transfer courses are done in consultation with the Registrar and the Biomolecular Science Director.

For the foundational chemistry course, students should follow their recommendation found in the Student Information System (SIS).

The foundational biology course is BIO 150 for all students. Rare exceptions include certain transfer courses or a score of A on Cambridge A-level Biology.

Informational Events

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