Computer Science (CSCI)

The CS program emphasizes the concepts and practices of computer science, as well as applications to other disciplines.

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Typical First Year Schedule

  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • CSCI 121 or CSCI 125 or PHYS 130
  • MATH 119 or MATH 120 or MATH 126 or MATH 128 or MATH 220
  • Foreign Language
  • GE/Elective
  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • CSCI 251
  • Continue Math Sequence
  • Foreign Language
Additional Information

No prior experience is needed for the introductory course, CSCI 121

CS majors must complete either CSCI 241 or CSCI 251 by end of the fall of their sophomore year.

Inquire about a CS major early on. (The CS program does special tracking of all students with declared/requested CS majors, in order to ensure they can register for CS courses they need for normal progress.)

  • Graduation credit for an AP course (CS-A or CSP) with a 4 or 5 on AP exam.
  • CS placement ( is a questionnaire (not a test) that advises which CS course a student should take first, based on prior CS and computing background, college preparedness, and academic interests.
  • We recommend that all students take the CS placement questionnaire, whether or not they have prior experience in CS.
  • Note: Students with prior experience may receive advanced placement even if they haven’t taken a formal CS course.
Informational Events

MSCS “To be or not to be” event in October


Director, Computer Science – Jill Dietz (