International Relations

The international relations concentration offers students the opportunity to combine insights from political and other social sciences with language and humanistic studies in order to examine pressing questions related to war, peace, trade, security, justice and power. This concentration complements majors in the social sciences, area studies, and foreign languages in particular, but it is appropriate to all students committed to engaging with issues arising from the globalized nature of the modern world.

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Typical First-Year Schedule

  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Language
  • PSCI 121
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Language
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • OLE Core/Elective
Additional Information

Students can easily begin the international relations concentration at any point in their first two years at St. Olaf. The concentration allows for multiple, flexible pathways to completion. Students should consult with their advisor and/or the program director to find a path that best compliments their other studies. Key decision points include (1) whether to complete the Social Systems requirement through coursework in Social Work, History, Sociology/Anthropology or Economics and (2) whether to complete the Area & Regional Studies requirement through advanced world language study or 2 courses focusing on the same region. Those decisions may suggest appropriate prerequisites, such as Principles of Economics or specific course sequences in a world language.
For students who wish to start the concentration during their first year, we recommend enrolling in the foundation course PSCI 121, Introduction to International Relations, during either the fall or spring term.
You can find additional information and course lists for each academic year. The FAQ page offers helpful information about courses taken off campus, AP exams, etc.

  • Equivalent courses for PSCI 121, Econ 261 or Econ 382 may be counted after consultation with program director.
  • Nothing available at this time.
Informational Events

Every fall and spring before registration, in conjunction with political science department advising events. Contact program director to be added to the interest list, if you have not yet declared.


Director, International Relations – Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak (