Latin American Studies (LAMST)

The Latin American studies program offers a major and a concentration with an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach that investigates the profound geographic variations, differing economic resources, and the intermingling of multiple racial, ethnic, and cultural groups that have yielded complex and diverse societies in the Caribbean and in North, Central, and South America. The major requires three advanced-level courses in Spanish, including one focusing on Spain. The concentration does not require any coursework in Spanish, and focuses on Latin American and the Latinx U.S.

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Typical First Year Schedule

  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • SPAN 111-250* or GE/Elective
  • HIST 126** or GE/Elective
  • GE/Elective
  • GE/Elective
  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • SPAN 112-250* or GE/Elective
  • HIST 126** or GE/Elective
  • GE/Elective
Additional Information

*All students with previous experience with Spanish must complete the placement exam before registering and register for the level in which they are placed.

**HIST 126 will count as an elective for the major and concentration, and is open only to first-year students. For Semester 1, transfer students are advised to choose between HIST 193, ENGL 251, or ART 276.

You may wish to start looking into the possibility of studying abroad (up to three of the courses for the major and two for the concentration may be taken in Latin America or Spain).

  • Not applicable.
  • None (but Spanish language placement will help potential majors calculate what courses to take to qualify for Span 250)
Informational Events

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Director, Latin American Studies – Ariel Strichartz (

Academic Catalog
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