Neuroscience (NEURO)

Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary program that draws from psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and other disciplines. The neuroscience program provides students access to the field by linking curricula, faculty, and students in a contract concentration that requires foundations in at least two natural sciences and allows students to explore connections with courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Typical First-Year Schedule

  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Language
  • CHEM 121, 125 OR Ch/Bi 125
  • Math (according to placement) OR Bio 150* OR Psych 125 OR GE/Elective
  • Phys 116 Light, Vision, and Art
  • Psych 239 Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior
  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Language
  • PSYCH 125 or Bio 150*
  • OLE Core/Elective
Additional Information

* If you are interested in a Biology major you should consider taking Bio 150 in your first year.

** If you are interested in taking a neuroscience course in your first year, huzzah! These interim offerings count towards the neuroscience concentration and may be appropriate for first year students.

Students should take introductory coursework in at least one of the fields that contributes to neuroscience: Psychology (Psych 125), Biology (Bio 150), Integrated Chemistry and Biology (ChBi 125, ChBi 126, and Ch/Bi 227), or Chemistry (Chem 121, 125).

Students should consult with the director of the neuroscience concentration by the end of the sophomore year and develop a contract.

  • Credit for transfer courses is done in consultation with the Registrar and the Director of Neuroscience.
  • Not applicable.
Informational Events

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Director, Neuroscience – Shelly Dickinson (