Statistics and Data Science (STAT)

In today’s data-rich world, the ability to gain insights from data has become increasingly valued in almost every field.  At St. Olaf, students can combine any major with a concentration in Statistics and Data Science.  Students will learn to collect, tidy, visualize, and model data to address real research questions, gaining background and experience that can lead to graduate study and abundant career opportunities.

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Typical First-Year Schedule

  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Language
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Languag
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • OLE Core/Elective
Additional Information

Most students begin with Stat 212: Statistics for the Sciences. Students with AP Statistics (4 or 5) should begin with MSCS 264: Intro to Data Science.

Some students can take Stat 212 or MSCS 264 in their first year. Often there is not space in courses to meet first year student demand. Taking your first Stats/MSCS course your sophomore year allows plenty of time to complete the Statistics and Data Science concentration.

  • AP scores of 4 or 5 may be sufficient preparation for Stat 272. Since many students have not had exposure to statistical software (R) we encourage beginning MSCS 264: Intro to Data Science before Stat 272.
  • Credit for transfer courses or other programs is done in consultation with the Registrar, the Statistics Program Director, and MSCS Chair.
  • Not applicable.
Informational Events

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