Nick Wallace ‘o2

 I went to law school and policy school right after graduating from St. Olaf. A diversity conference that I attended during my senior year at St. Olaf helped me to realize that in order to achieve my goal of helping to provide educational opportunity and access to traditionally underrepresented students, I needed to better understand the nature of educational policy. My law degree and master of public policy degree led to work as a research associate at the Institute on Race and Poverty (now the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity).  After two years at IRP, I had the opportunity to join the University of Minnesota Law School admissions office. This position provided me with the direct ability to have a voice in the admissions decision process for the law school and over the years, I grew into a leadership role in the office. This eventually led to my current role as the Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management at the Syracuse University College of Law.

 My experience studying religion at St. Olaf definitely helped to form me. Spiritually, St. Olaf, and particularly the religion department encouraged me to think deeply about purpose and mission as it relates to service. Morally, my experience studying religion at St. Olaf has helped to form me by instilling a commitment to acknowledging how the experiences, perspectives, biases and lenses that I bring to my worldview impacts my actions and decisions.