Alumni Profiles

Emmy Kegler ’07

I came to Olaf afraid of my sexuality, afraid of my passion for the church, and afraid of my call to ministry. Instead of facing rejection or polite tolerance, I found in the chapel & in religion classes that I was welcomed and celebrated. After being the “weird religious kid” all through high school I found a place where my interest in biblical languages and practical theology was encouraged and supported. In the roots of Lutheran theology I found an expansive place made for me to live into what it meant to be freed from the law and freed for the neighbor. I can’t imagine where I would be without the experiences I had at Olaf.

Tyler Hauger ’08

Studying religion at St. Olaf certainly contributed to my own formation, in many ways.  Academically, intellectually, and socially, it gave me the necessary skills to understand what religion is, and to recognize how religious beliefs, rituals, texts, and traditions have a major influence around the world today.  This is especially important in a globalized world, where religion plays unique roles within and between cultures, communities and social movements.

Maria Laverdiere ’08

My study of religion has helped me in working on public policy and constituent services for a diverse constituency by providing me with a better understanding of cultures and traditions different form my own. My theological studies have also helped me better understand and work with faith movements and faith based organizations working in the public sphere.

Nick Wallace ‘o2

 My experience studying religion at St. Olaf definitely helped to form me. Spiritually, St. Olaf, and particularly the religion department encouraged me to think deeply about purpose and mission as it relates to service. Morally, my experience studying religion at St. Olaf has helped to form me by instilling a commitment to acknowledging how the experiences, perspectives, biases and lenses that I bring to my worldview impacts my actions and decisions.