Basic Overview of Editing Pages

The majority of your time using WordPress will involve editing pages. There are two ways to access a page’s edit screen:

  • Select the “My Sites” section of the header
  • Hover over the section of the website you want to publish and click “dashboard”
  • Go to the “Pages” section from the WordPress dashboard and select “All Pages”
  • Locate and click the title of the page you wish to edit
  • Select the page you want to edit and click “Edit Page” from the WordPress menu bar (must be logged in)

Text Editor

Edit Bar
If you’ve used word processing software before, the above toolbar should look familiar. If you’re not sure what an icon is, hover over it to reveal its name.

The drop-down menu (displaying “paragraph” in the example above) is used for specifying the format used for a block of text.

Paragraph is used for basic body text, such as this.

Heading 2-6 are used for subheadings.

Heading 6 is the smallest of the subheadings and is in all caps.

Save Your Changes

Once you have completed your changes, click the Update button (upper right-hand side, usually in blue) to save and publish the updated page.

Example of Heading 2

Example of Heading 3

Example of Heading 4

Example of Heading 5
Example of Heading 6