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The Sophomore Experience

Sophomore year at St. Olaf is an excellent time to get involved in campus life, declare your major of choice, and to explore career possibilities.

Major Declaration Day, 2020

Major Events for Sophomores - Mark your calendar now!

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We challenge you to check at least 15 items off your Sophomore Bucket List this upcoming academic year!

Check out your Bucket List!

Learn more about the Sophomore Bucket List!

Check out your Bucket List!
The Sophomore Experience is a series of events and opportunities to support your wellbeing, connect you to the campus community, and help you engage with academic and career resources.
It is a great year to build upon what you’ve already learned about the college setting, St. Olaf in particular, and your own interests and strengths. It’s also a time when you might feel ready to narrow in on activities and areas of study most important to you. You might feel a need to rebalance your schedule and commitments to support your own wellbeing.