Tuition, Room, Board, and Other Fees

Title: Tuition, Room, Board, and Other Fees
Procedure No: STO-01
Effective Date: 09-01-2009
Issuing Authority: Student Accounts Office
Contact: Student Accounts at, 507-786-3296 or 866-640-4702
Last Updated: 09-23-2022

Purpose of Procedures:

To ensure timely and accurate reporting of tuition, room, and board, and other related fees.

Who needs to know these Procedures:

All St. Olaf College students.


Tuition, room, meal plan, and other related fees will be billed to the student through the Student Accounts Office. They are billed based on rates set by the Board of Regents.

Tuition is automatically calculated based on your intent to register for each semester. The Student Accounts Office verifies these charges with the Registrars Office and the Dean of Students Office. Room charges are sent to Student Accounts by the Residential Life Office. Meal plan charges are based on the student’s choice of board plans (STO-30). If students are not living in campus housing and they do not want a meal plan they must log into SIS and select the no meal plan option before the third day of the term so they will be responsible for the charge.

Other fees added to the bill can include, but are not limited to, international study abroad programs, music lessons, course fees, and health insurance. The international abroad charges are based on the student’s acceptance into the program and are generated through the International and Off Campus Studies Office. Music lesson fees are based on the student’s registration for lessons and are generated through the Music Department. Health insurance charges are based on the student enrolling in the St. Olaf Health Insurance plan or by being automatically enrolled in the plan due to the waiver form not being completed (STO-35).