Board Plans

Title: Board Plans
Procedure No: STO-30
Effective Date: 09-01-2009
Issuing Authority: Student Accounts Office
Contact: Student Accounts at, 507-786-3296 or 866-640-4702
Last Updated: 07-23-2020

Purpose of Procedures:

To ensure that all students living on campus at St. Olaf have the appropriate meal plan.

Who needs to know these Procedures:

All St. Olaf College students.


All students living on campus or in St. Olaf provided housing are required to have a meal plan for each semester. Students must make this choice online.

When using meals on your meal plan your Ole card must be presented to the checker at each meal for entrance to the dining room.  If you have lost your Ole card you must make arrangements with dining services to eat until you get your new card.

In order to receive an accommodation the appropriate documentation needs to be submitted to the Student Life Access Committee where it will be evaluated. The committee will decide if the accommodation will be granted. Appropriate documentation would be a letter from your healthcare provider that outlines a diagnosis, symptoms you experience, what accommodation is being requested and why it is a necessity. You should also fill out an Accommodation Request Form. The documentation should be submitted by August 1.

Starting in May of the previous year, emails are sent to students advising them to choose their meal plan online through the St. Olaf website. Students who do not choose a board plan by the end of August, prior to the start of the academic year, are automatically enrolled in plan 2. This automatic enrollment will happen even for those students who are not living on campus. St. Olaf never assumes you do not need a board plan.

Only those students living off campus, student teaching, or doing clinicals through the Nursing Department are allowed to select the “partial board plan” option.

Changes to board plans can only be made until 4 pm on the 3rd business day of the term.   Any refunds of the board plan from the first day of class through the 10th day of class are pro-rated based on the day we are notified of the change. St. Olaf must pay its food service vendor based on the number of students enrolled in the board plan. As such, retrospective adjustments will not be made for board plan changes prior to when we were notified, or after the 10th day of class.

Meal Plan Refunds –  There are no refunds given for unused meals or flex dollars.  The only time a refund is given is if a student withdraws from the college part of the way through the term.  The refund policy for that situation is listed at STO-55

There are no refunds for summer meal plans.