The Anna K. Bonde Memorial Apprenticeship in Theater

The Anna K. Bonde Career Advancement Opportunity in Theater was established with gifts made in memory of Anna K. Bonde, a 1999 graduate of Churchill High School and was very active during high school in the Creative and Performing Arts program. Anna attended St. Olaf, where she majored in theater and dance. Anna was killed by a drunk driver her sophomore year.
Anna K. Bonde

This fund was established to honor the life of Anna K. Bonde ’03. Anna died on March 17, 2001 while en route to New Orleans where she and four of her St. Olaf classmates planned to spend spring break volunteering at an elementary school. Their car was struck by a drunk driver driving the wrong way on a highway near Springfield, Il. Two of her dear friends also perished in the crash. Anna possessed a deep passion for all aspects of theater. She was also a person with a deep compassion for others and a desire to make the world a better place. We hope that this apprenticeship program will not only help the recipients excel in their areas of expertise, but that their lives will also be touched by Anna’s spirit.

This apprenticeship offers St. Olaf Theater graduates a way to gain experience in their field, to further develop their artistic portfolios, and to advance their career in theater. It is designed to provide further experience in one of several aspects of theater operation:  design, stage management, costumes, scene painting, public relations/publicity, props, movement/choreography, acting, directing, lighting, sound, literary management or technical theater.


  • The Anna K. Bonde Apprenticeship in Theater is awarded to two to three St. Olaf Theater graduates each year. The award amount is variable based on the expectations of time committed to a design versus the time committed to a design and implementation of the work (i.e. also serving as operator, mixer, composer, etc…) The contractor will receive one-half of the payment at the beginning of the contract period and one-half of the payment at the end of the contract period.
  • At the completion of the contract, the independent contractor shall write a final summary of their experience and send it electronically along with a head shot or picture to the main theater office.

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted in an ongoing basis. Theater graduates who wish to apply for this award should complete an application.   Applications must include a page describing the work to be undertaken and a resume. Follow-up interviews may be scheduled at the request of the department chair. A specific working schedule is determined in consultation with a faculty or staff member and the chair of the Theater Department.

Selection will be made by the Theater Department faculty and will be based on the factors deemed important, including the quality of the applicant’s previous work, the applicant’s work ethic (self-motivation, ability to work independently), the ability to complete the designated work in the time frame given, and previous contributions to the life of the department. The chair of the Theater Department will notify all applicants of their status.

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