Peer Helper Organizations

Healthy lifestyle Peer Educators

Wellness peer educators are student peer educators who work to promote and support students living healthy, balanced lives. Wellness peer educators will provide approximately 20 programs per month on campus on topics such as: nutrition, relationships, sexuality, sexual safety, chemical health, self-esteem and spiritual/emotional health. Wellness peer educators work out of the Wellness Center.

Sexual Assault Resource Network (SARN)

SARN members are state-certified through Rice County as victim/survivor advocates. All of the members have completed an initial 44 hours of training, as well as six additional hours each year. SARN members serve as victim advocates and educators for the St. Olaf community. Advocates are on call nightly, 8 p.m. – 8 a.m., during the academic year. One may reach an advocate through a beeper/voice mail system by dialing x3777. Services provided include victim advocacy, crisis intervention, referrals, education, information on sexual assault/harassment, or just someone to talk to. SARN’s goal is to enable a more informative atmosphere in which students have resources available to them as needed for dealing with sexual assault and harassment. The director of the counseling center serves as the faculty advisor for SARN.

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