Residence Hall Councils

The climate of residential life is an integral part of the campus community and has, in its own unique way, a very special influence on the education of the St. Olaf student intellectually, morally and socially. Residence hall governance can play a significant role in the shaping of residential life and the development of the whole person.


While the dean of students is ultimately responsible for the residence halls, it is the responsibility of the students who live there to assist in working toward and maintaining a quality living atmosphere. A residence hall council will be established in each residence hall to review regularly the needs and concerns of hall residents. Students elected to these councils will represent the community by:

  • Keeping the residents informed of residence hall, campus and Student Senate activities and issues;
  • Seeking information from residents to relay to hall council peers and the Student Senate;
  • Coordinating the planning and implementation of educational, social, cultural, recreational and/or spiritual activities within the residence hall;
  • Legislating individual residence hall policies regarding noise control, damage and other community concerns;
  • Assisting the area coordinator in matters pertaining to the physical condition of the hall;
  • Encouraging concern for the quality of life and community development in the residence hall.


The residence life student staff will serve as the residence hall council in each building for the first few weeks of the academic year. Hall council elections take place sometime within the first two weeks of the first semester. Executive officers are selected through an all-hall election. Other residents are encouraged to be active in hall council either by applying to be floor/corridor/wing representatives or serving on ad hoc committees.


Each hall council consists of five executive officers (president, vice president, treasurer, council recorder and hall senator) and a number of floor/corridor/wing representatives. Any individual living in the residence hall may attend meetings and serve on special ad hoc committees.

Each hall council has the authority to consider and, within the limitations of current St. Olaf policies, act upon any matter affecting the residence hall; administer hall council funds; review and approve a hall council budget; make proposals to the area coordinator pertaining to the general benefit of the residents of the residence hall; review any agreements entered into by the hall council with outside groups; and try impeachment of executives. Residence hall councils shall not provide monetary gain, incidental or otherwise, to their advisors, executives or membership.

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