Query Loop

In order for the query loop to work, your site must have posts or pages that you can bring into the loop. If you want posts/pages from the Main Site, choose the panel “Query Loop – Main Site” instead of “Query Loop”. The example below is from the Main Site.

  1. Under Modules, click add new panel and select ‘Query Loop’
  2. Go into the Panel. Under ‘Posts’, switch tabs from ‘Manual’ to ‘Dynamic’
  3. Under ‘Content Type’ select either ‘Posts’ or ‘Pages’
  4. For ‘Max Results’ choose how many panels you want in your loop. Then, in the next drop down menu, click on ‘Tabs’ to sort the panel inputs
  5. A new drop down menu will appear where you can pick which tags you want included in your panel (i.e., Political Science)
  6. Additional options are in the Settings section of the Panel