Inserting images

Filling an entire page with solid text is bad practice because it can make the content difficult to read. To avoid this, we can use images to supplement our text.

The images you use to support your text should be:

  • Relevant to the topic being discussed
  • Sharp and of good quality
  • Appropriate in size (not too big or small)

For a comprehensive tutorial on inserting images, see WordPress’s official guide.

1) Click on the “Add Media” button

Add Media Button

2) Select the files you want to upload to WordPress

Upload Files

3) Adjust the image settings

Edit Image Dialog

4) Insert image into the post

Your image will be inserted wherever your cursor was in the document. If it is placed in the wrong spot, you can easily cut the photo and paste it in the correct location.

5) Aligning the image

You can alter your image alignment (and other settings) by clicking on the image and selecting the button that appears in the top left-hand side corner. When you select an alignment, the text wraps around the image instead of being forced above or below it.

Tip: To align your photo to the right of some header text, simply put your cursor at the beginning of the text, insert the image and then set the alignment to “Right.”