Engage in the Democratic Process

Engage in the Democratic Process

Every Ole has a place in the democratic process. Identify your cause, start a dialogue, and share your voice.

Are You Ready to Vote in 2020?

Whether you are eligible to vote or not, your voice matters.

At St. Olaf College, we want all students, faculty, staff, and community members to take part in the democratic process. From discussing current issues to casting a vote on election day, there are countless ways to engage in local, state, and federal elections. Through registering in Minnesota or out-of-state, talking with friends or colleagues, and becoming informed about the positions that candidates hold on the issues you find important, we are not only more engaged as a campus, but also as a global community.

How Can I Get Involved?

Learn about the different ways to participate in this year’s important election on campus.

St. Olaf takes part in the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE), an initiative that looks at aggregate election turnout data from more than 1,000 colleges and universities across the country to better understand college student political learning and engagement in democracy.
Compared to other schools, St. Olaf historically is a fairly engaged campus. While we are certainly proud of the level of civic engagement on the Hill, we also recognize there is always room to grow!

of eligible St. Olaf student voters voted in the 2016 election. The national average was 50.4%.

4 out of 5

eligible St. Olaf student voters registered to vote in the 2016 election.


of eligible St. Olaf student voters chose to vote absentee in the 2016 election.

Meet the Candidates

Get to know the current presidential candidates and learn more about their platforms.

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Official Political Policies

Review St. Olaf’s political policies so you can engage in the democratic process.

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Non-U.S. Citizens

Even though you may not be able to vote, there are still ways to get involved!

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