Support Resources

While an election cycle is exciting, it can be quite stressful and overwhelming as well. We also recognize that it is often impossible to separate the personal from the political. Issues discussed on the campaign trail, in the news, and on-campus can have deep connections to who we are, our lived experiences, and future aspirations, and when discussed and debated can cause frustration and even harm. As such, we encourage Oles to reach out to trusted friends, family, staff, and faculty if they begin to feel the need for support. If you believe a friend, peer, or colleague could use support, please help them access an appropriate resources. The below information is a curated list of on-campus resources.

Campus Resources

If you or a friend would like to connect with an on-campus resource to talk though your experience, consider one of the options to the right. Resources that are confidential are marked with an asterisk.

These, of course, only represent a handful of formal resources at St. Olaf. Additionally, you might consider reaching out to your faculty advisor, a supervisor, a coach, a director, or any other staff or faculty member you trust. Peer resources may also prove to be beneficial. Chatting with an RA/JC, a captain, an officer, a student organization leader, or a close friend may be helpful.