Faculty Resources

Every year as we welcome a new group of student to the St. Olaf campus is a new year that we also welcome a new group of eligible first-time voters. But democratic engagement doesn’t just begin or end with voting, and even those students who are not eligible to vote can find ways to participate in the maintenance of a healthy democracy. You can help build students’ civic habits by incorporating civics into your teaching practice–no matter what subject you teach. Each academic discipline can find ties to public policy and life, and it supports the mission of our institution to assist students in discovering these connections between their courses of study and our democratic society.

I Voted stickers strewn across a table

Show Up

Get out and vote if you’re able!

Black young adult male holding mic stands in front of a giant post-it titled "Freedom" with many remarks on it.


Consider connections between your course, civic life, and a healthy democracy.

Group of students sit in audience. Young man in foreground holds out microphone.


Normalize discussion of politics and public affairs early and often.

Poster from Climate Strike 2019. Text: We R over picture of earth


Choose your issue and GO!

Core Resources

Here are just a few core resources for civic engagement across the liberal arts curriculum that include the critical theory, pedagogical techniques, and logistical considerations for this work: