Advanced Courses

Writing offers the following advanced coursework to support academic and personal development.

WRIT 211: Topics in Writing

Blending the reading seminar and writing workshop, this course offers advanced practice in critical reading and writing with emphasis on a particular discipline or topic. Students will read and respond critically to a range of writing that may include textbook chapters, popular feature stories, and creative literature. The course emphasizes how writers make and support claims, integrate research, and narrate to communicate effectively in a variety of genres for multiple audiences. Click on course title in the class and lab for more information about the course for that term. Prerequisite: successful completion of FYW.

WRIT 237: McNair Research Writing Across the Disciplines

This course prepares McNair Scholars for the rigors of academic writing. Because the enrolled students represent a variety of disciplines, this course serves as a general introduction to writing in research; it is not meant to replace discipline-specific research methods or writing courses. Students read scholarly literature in their disciplines, write a literature review, draft various sections of a research paper, and prepare for a formal poster presentation. Offered every summer.

WRIT 294: Academic Internship
WRIT 298: Independent Study
WRIT 394: Academic Internship
WRIT 398: Independent Research