Student Staff Resources

Incident Report


Art Barn key-card release

In the top drawer of the cabinet with the ID cards, you will see a blue pouch with the labeled cards, this is where they will be kept as well as the sign out/sign in sheet.  Note there are three different cards, depending on what time of the day or night they have booked space, that will allow access, so the appropriate card should be sent with them.
There is also printed a schedule from R25 that indicates which groups have booked the space, only those are allowed to check out a key card.

Bus tokens 2/28/14

There has been an issue with bus tokens being either taken or given away without information being recorded, so we are changing the procedure to solve that problem. Instead of having the bus tokens in the plastic container on the information desk, starting tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 28) they will be stored in the locked drawer at the info desk. They will be in a blue van packet (which is labeled clearly), and there will be a small notebook inside, just as there was before. Information must be recorded by the desk staff. We need the desk staff to fill it out to ensure that information is recorded correctly. Information necessary is
1. Full name
2. Number of tokens given
3. Destination
All three items must be filled out. Ask to see their ID to spell their names correctly.


Fire Alarms: When a fire alarm goes off (sound and blinking lights):

Ensure your area is clear, then go outside.  Public Safety officers will arrive and check the situation.
If the officer determines the alarm can be cleared (no fire), the sound can be silenced. Staff need to direct people to step outside until staff have been told otherwise directly by Public Safety.
While the alarm is sounding, people need to stay outside.   Public Safety will come and find the BC student staff on duty and give the all-clear, when people are able to return.

Staff can assist by allowing people back into the building at this time.  The lights will still flash until the system resets itself.


If the system is triggered due to an event in the Mane Stage, guests and staff must stay outside until the all-clear is definitively given by the Public Safety officers on-scene.  Staff will be in close contact in this case.

Movie rentals: The movie and video game binder is ONLINE, BOTH can be checked-out at this time. 5 day rental. St. Olaf IDs are required and should be shown when checked out. Make sure to write down their ID number. One rental per line.

If there are any emergencies with the Enterprise CarShare such as lights left on or parking in the wrong spot or a student is having a problem, call one of the following two phone numbers. When call all you have to do is identify your self as calling about the St Olaf Enterprise CarShare:  Local: (507) 664-9944    24 hour emergency number 1-877-599-3227 (The person renting the car should also have the 877 number. )

Vans: It is very common when the weather is colder that the low tire pressure light is on.  That does not mean the van cannot be driven necessarily.  Please keep this in mind, and if groups mention this they can still be driven, unless of course the tire is completely flat!   Upon inspection of the tires, if they all look ok, the Ford Dealership has confirmed they can be driven.