Student Staff Manual

Promptness: First and foremost, be on time for each shift.  It is important to arrive on time to be fair to the person whom you are relieving.  Your time card should accurately reflect when you arrive/leave your shift.  Misrepresentation of hours will lead to dismissal.

Shift Substitutes: The day-to-day operations of the Buntrock Commons rely heavily on the student staff.  You are responsible for your work schedule.  Schedules will be established at the beginning of each semester and Interim.  If you are unable to work a shift it is your responsibility to find a substitute.  PLEASE try and find a sub as soon as you know you need one and do not wait until shortly before your shift! Procedures for obtaining a substitute are as follows:

  • Send out a request on the sub-system to find possible replacements in as much advance time as you can…  don’t wait until the last minute!! Do not assume because you have put a request out  that someone will just show up to cover your shift.
  • Call someone directly to switch with/or sub for you. (this is the most effective way to get a sub)
  • Failure to find a sub is not a reasonable reason to miss your shift.
  • You are responsible for your shift.
  • Being late without prior notice will result in a warning.
  • Failure to arrive for a shift will result in two warnings.

If you are off-campus and unable to return for your shift due to unforeseen circumstances (car trouble, weather delays, etc.) please call the front desk and let them know.  That person should notify a manager.

Weekend Rotations:  Everyone will get weekend work, on a rotational basis, based on availability. Missed weekend rotation shifts count for two automatic warnings.

Dress: The information desk is in a very public location.  You may be the first “official” contact that a visitor to both the Commons and the Campus may have.  How you look on the job is important.  Please dress in a neat and professional manner at all times.

Buntrock Commons uniform shirt and nametag are required.  You may wear the fleece jacket when the outside temps get cold, and the Crossroads get drafty.  Your uniform shirt should be worn underneath the fleece.

Problems encountered on a shift:  In case you come up with a question or problem on shift that you are unable to answer or handle, please contact the on-call manager or another staffer.

If there is a medical emergency, call 9-911.

Any other security emergencies call Public Safety at x3666.

Use this form to report things that need attention by professional staff.

Do’s and Don’ts while sitting at the desk:

  • Only professional and student staff are allowed behind the desk and in the storage room
  • The key ring is NEVER to be given to friends to use.
  • The computer at the desk is for the student staff uses only.
  • Do not watch movies while working at the desk.
  • Do not make long distance phone calls while on duty.  Please keep local personal calls to a minimum.  The phone is the “official” line for the building and should be kept free, but guests can make on-campus calls if necessary.
  • Ear buds/headsets are not permitted.
  • Please do not allow your friends to congregate in front of the desk and keep visiting to under 10 minutes.
  • Snacks and drinks are ok, but dining is not permitted unless the nature of your shift does not allow for you to go to the Caf.
  • Return your tray and dirty dishes immediately after you are finished.
  • It is fine for you to do homework when the desk is quiet, but attention to people who come to the desk is your first priority.  Please do not give the impression to folks who ask you questions, etc. that they are imposing disturbing your homework.  Building patrons should never feel like they are imposing on your study time.
  • Only college related information should be posted at the desk.  Keep these postings to a minimum.
  • Keep the back area and the desk clean and neat.
  • ALWAYS lock the scheduling office.
  • Use the appropriate ‘away’ signs and the ‘will return clock’ anytime you must leave the desk.
  • Check the equipment and van check-out charts regularly – do not leave the desk if a customer is anticipating picking something up.

Time Cards:  Be sure to fill in your electronic time card each time you work.   Do not fill out in advance.  You will be notified when time cards are due.  It is your responsibility to see that you sign and return them by the due date.  Failure to do so will result in a delayed payment. Please accurately record time worked (this can be done to the nearest 5 minutes.) Misrepresentation of time worked will result in dismissal.

The Buntrock Commons Building Managers as well as professional staff have the authority to issue warnings for the following, but not limited to, actions at the desk:

  1. Missing or more than fifteen minutes tardy to a shift with no warning or notifying of a manager
  2. Visitors behind the desk, visitors blocking visibility of desk workers, or visitors for an excessive length of time (more than ten minutes)
  3. Not being in uniform
  4. Inappropriate use of information or items in your care.
  5. Other behavior deemed as misconduct by managers or professional staff.

You will be notified via e-mail if you have been issued a warning. After two strikes, you will be asked to meet with a manager. Following three strikes, your employment at the Information Desk or Scheduling Office will be terminated.