Applying for Student Travel Support

The goal of the CURI Student Travel Program is to provide as many St. Olaf students as possible with the experience of presenting their research to an external audience.

St. Olaf College has allocated funds to support student travel for the purposes of presenting undergraduate research at conferences or other external meetings. Students presenting a paper or poster, speaking on a panel, or playing another role in the program of a conference, are eligible for travel support from CURI.

Research presentations are categorized as either individual or group (two or more students working together as part of a single project or experience). Individual students are eligible to apply for up to $1,000 of travel support for reimbursable expenses. For group projects, faculty may apply for up to $2000 of student travel support for reimbursable expenses.

Projects might be from:   IR/IS courses – Summer research at St. Olaf College – Summer research at another institution – Internships, DUR courses – Level III courses (especially research seminars) – Research Methods courses

To be eligible for CURI travel support, students:

  • Must have permission to present their results from their faculty supervisor
  • Must be a current St. Olaf student or a graduating senior traveling before September 1
  • Must have an accepted presentation for a conference (presenting or co-presenting)
  • Must not have traveled previously with CURI travel support

Funds are limited, and travel awards are not guaranteed. Proposal deadlines are listed below and applications will be reviewed on or shortly after these dates. Apply far enough in advance so you know whether you have CURI funding before you have to make travel arrangements. If you have questions about whether your proposed travel is eligible for support, please email the CURI Director or Program Coordinator. Students and faculty are encouraged to explore other sources of funding available from outside St. Olaf. Disciplinary societies are particularly interested in supporting undergraduate research travel; you can get more information about these from the faculty member whom you did your research, or their department/program chair.

2015-16 Deadlines:

Deadlines in 2015-16 will be the 1st day of the month, starting with June 1, 2015. The last deadline for travel before May 31, 2016 (the end of St. Olaf’s academic and fiscal year) will be April 1, 2016.

Procedures for requesting travel support:

Individual Travel

Complete the online CURI Student Travel Request well in advance of your conference date to allow time to make travel reservations. Be mindful of the dates of your conference in relation to the monthly deadlines. At the bottom of the form hit the “Submit” button.

  • Within a week of submitting your application, you will receive a Signatures Form in campus mail with a place for your research advisor and your advisor’s department chair to sign, endorsing your travel.  The signed form needs to be returned to Tomson 283 by the monthly deadline in order to be reviewed for that month’s funding. If there are also department funds to support your travel, the department chair should indicate that on the form.
  • Once the proposals are reviewed (on or shortly after the deadline date), you will receive email notification from the CURI Director indicating whether your request has been funded and the amount of support you will receive.

Group Travel

For group travel, the sponsoring faculty person needs to complete the online CURI Faculty Form for Group Travel.  Each student in the group must also complete the CURI Student Travel Request.

  • Once the proposals are reviewed (on or shortly after the deadline), the faculty person sponsoring the travel will receive email notification from the CURI Director indicating whether the request has been funded and the amount of support the group will receive.

Arranging travel:

  • In general, you are expected to make your own arrangements for airfare, lodging, conference registration, etc. However, if it is a problem for you to incur those expenses up front, you can consult with CURI staff to see whether some reservations may be made directly through the program.
  • While you travel, *KEEP ALL RECEIPTS* – without receipts, you will not be reimbursed.

Before You Go:  Please review the document “Attending Professional Research Conferences

Students – to request reimbursement:

Upon notification of funding, you will receive an envelope with the following forms enclosed. Please keep all receipts in the envelope and within 2 weeks of returning from travel:

  • Complete the Travel Reimbursement Form.
  • Complete the W-9 Form.
  • Complete the Travel Expenses Log. Include any prepaid expenses on this form, indicating how they were purchased.
  • Bring the forms and receipts to your faculty research supervisor for review and their signature. If you don’t have an on-campus faculty supervisor, reimbursement requests should be submitted to the department chair who signed your Signatures Form. Once approved, submit all documents to Accounts Payable.
  • After the reimbursement forms have been approved, you will receive a check via campus mail unless Accounts Payable has your direct deposit information (this is not the same as the Payroll office for student workers). If you are a student at home, you must indicate “Send Home” on your reimbursement form.

Note to faculty supervisors

We are asking faculty to help facilitate the reimbursement process for their own students.  For your student’s benefit, please be certain that the reimbursement form is filled out correctly and that all original receipts are attached.

Send a copy of the reimbursement form (no receipts) and the Travel Expenses Log (this is an internal CURI document) to Susan Carlson.  The original travel reimbursement form and receipts go to Accounts Payable.