Summer Undergraduate Research

The summer research program is an opportunity for students and faculty to partner, learn together and contribute to an ever growing body of information and creative work.

Traditional projects have taken the form of ten-week experiences where existing on-campus resources are utilized in unique ways.  Some recent projects have taken alternative forms to accommodate aspects unique to the discipline.  These projects, that may require field work or visits to resources that cannot be found on-campus, have had a shorter duration to offset the cost of student travel.  In either case the projects have led to strong contributions to scholarship beyond St. Olaf.

All Faculties (FA, HUM, IGS, NSM, SS) are participating in the summer research program.

Annual Timeline

  • Early December – Faculty proposals for CURI Summer Research funding due. Faculty with outside-funded projects use the proposal form to post their project descriptions and criteria.
  • December-January – CURI Faculty Advisory Panel reviews faculty proposals. Faculty notified of student research positions allocated.
  • Mid-January – Summer Research Project descriptions (both college-funded and grant-funded) posted to CURI website; student online application opens
  • February 19 – Student applications for Summer Research Program positions due
  • Early March – Faculty send CURI their selections of student researchers for their projects, CURI notifies all student applicants
  • Students have until the Friday before spring break to accept or decline the offered positions
  • Last Tuesday in May – Orientation and start of 10-week Summer Research Program

Additional Links for Students


Brian Borovsky (Physics) and Doug Casson (Political Science) talk with Christophe Porot ’13 during a CURI event.