St. Olaf Conference on Worship, Theology, and the Arts


About the Conference

As a college of the church, St. Olaf seeks not only to develop its own students in mind, body, and spirit, but also to support in vital ways the church at large in its mission of bearing witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Conference on Worship, Theology, and the Arts (CWTA) grows out of this larger sense of the college’s mission, offering spiritual nourishment and professional growth for persons engaged in congregational ministry.

Pastors, church musicians, artists and lay leaders from all denominations and any size congregation participate in the CWTA. They experience and apply the concepts introduced at the conference through conference sessions and worship services. The daily worship services refresh and inspire those who are leaders in their home congregations. Using the lectionary for specific Sundays in the upcoming church year, conference planners strive to create an inspiring model to use in participants’ home churches.

As a community of learners, the conference faculty and the participants foster spiritual renewal and affirm vocation. Participants develop personal and professional networks to call upon for support, expertise and counsel.

Registration for the 2016 Conference will open January 4, 2016