In-depth Seminars

In-Depth Seminars are offered by each of our presenters in 2-day blocks  Each Seminar will be offered twice during the week and will consist of two 1.5 hour classes. Participants will choose one Seminar for Monday and Tuesday and another for Wednesday and Thursday.

Singing With Your Whole Self: Integrating Body, Mind, Voice and Spirit in Choral Rehearsals
& Working with the Developmental Singer

Anton Armstrong and Therees Hibbard

Dr. Hibbard will will focus on the musical, technical, and expressive development of choral singers through the integration of voice, breath and body in rehearsal and performance. Participants will experience how the engagement of the whole self when singing can have a profound effect on a choir’s understanding of tone, phrasing, rhythmic integrity, and musicality; and create a holistic approach to their choral practice and performance for singers. Dr. Armstrong will explore rehearsal goals, strategies, and techniques which can nurture healthy and artistic singing for people of all ages.

Playing the Text: Hymn Playing in Various Styles

James E. Bobb

This in-depth session will address stylistic elements of traditional hymns, folk hymns, and a variety of global hymns and how to make them work at the organ. Topics will include: reading historic and contemporary forms of harmonic shorthand (figured bass/continuo realization and jazz/pop chord symbols); creating appropriate textures with rhythm, articulation, and registration; crafting hymn introductions and harmonizations.

Organ Masterclass

John Ferguson

A two-day in depth session coaching participants in repertoire or hymn playing. One goal of the class will be the generation of a list of basic concepts that can assist in practice and performance of repertoire and hymns.  Participants interested in being coached are welcome to be in touch with Dr. Ferguson to agree upon repertoire or hymn to be coached.  A list of known repertoire will be sent in advance to any who request it from Ferguson. As always in a master class, observers are welcome and will be invited to participate in the discussions leading to the list of basic concepts explored during each two-day master class.

Be a Part of Thursday’s Easter Vigil

Katherine Fick, Matthew Marohl, and Michon Weeks

Each two-day session will design a creative way to present a story for the Easter Vigil service in art, music, and drama. From idea to performance, we will work together and tell these stories in memorable and imaginative ways for Thursday evening worship. You may only attend one of the sessions to allow others the chance to participate.

Session One (Monday and Tuesday) – Exodus 14:10-31; 15:20-21 Deliverance at the Red Sea
Session Two (Wednesday and Thursday) – Daniel 3:1-29 Deliverance from the fiery furnace

Ethnic Percussion in the Church

David Hagedorn

Get in the groove as you make authentic sounds on congas, bongos, djembe and “toys.” Learn West African and African rhythms, improvisation and how to use effective percussion with ethnic hymnody in your church. Bring instruments if you have them; they will be securely locked in the seminar room for the week.

Accompany Them with Singing: What’s Happening to Christian Funerals?

Thomas G. Long

Cremation, golf bag urns, green burials, memorial services, and celebrations of life — these are but a few of the recent changes and trends in American funeral practices. We will explore the meanings in these changes and look afresh at the history, theology, and value of Christian funerals.

Handbells: Ten Warm-ups to a Better Choir

Jill Mahr

Each warm-up will address a specific issue that keeps handbell choirs from sounding stellar.  In ten weeks, a director with intentional warm-ups can build a more musical, responsive, physical, and technically proficient handbell choir.  If you’re a ringer, come and improve your skills.

The Orff Process: A Royal Road to Learning

Joanne and Catherine Rodland

“Body, mind, spirit and voice, it takes the whole person to sing and rejoice!” Helen Kemp’s words are timeless! They remind us that what we teach will not be forgotten if we teach to the whole person. This is at the core of Carl Orff’s methodology which, since 1972, has informed much of Joanne Rodland’s work with children AND adults, and subsequently, that of Dr. Catherine Rodland. The focus on rhythmic activities in particular has led to the development of many speech chants and rondos which will be a major focus of the Children and Youth Choir workshop. With this methodology in mind, we will examine and experience creative ways to structure a rehearsal, to teach an anthem or a hymn, to immerse our young people in the learning of scripture, liturgy and the teachings of the church while keeping them actively engaged, a challenge in today’s fast moving world. We will also wrestle with the choice of material from the perspective of text in building repertoire. We will be fully engaged in “Resurrection – Reformation – Renewal”