St. Olaf Merit-Based Aid Renewal

Merit scholarships each have various requirements for renewal. If you meet these requirements your scholarship will automatically renew without your having to fill out any forms or applications.

Academic Scholarships: Buntrock, Presidential, St. Olaf

Contact the Financial Aid Office for specific scholarship renewal requirements. The terms and conditions can also be found on your original scholarship letter from the Admissions department when you first were accepted to be a student at St Olaf College.

To renew:
• Art scholarships contact Gwen Daniels,
• Dance scholarships contact John-Paul Douglas,
• Music scholarships contact
• Theater scholarships contact

What happens if I lose my scholarship?

St. Olaf’s policy is to meet the demonstrated need of every student on campus. There are minimum requirements for scholarship renewal, however, our first priority is to meet demonstrated need. If you do not meet the requirements toward retaining one of the merit scholarships listed above, one of two scenarios will occur. First, if you are a student who demonstrates need, any merit aid will be replaced within a few hundred dollars with other need-based aid. This aid can be in many forms, including scholarships and grants. Overall, need-based students will not lose any gift dollars. Second, if you are a student without demonstrated financial need, your scholarship will be lost until you are able to meet the renewal criteria.

If you lose your scholarship due to GPA requirements and your grades improve, notify the Financial Aid Office and we will review your GPA and reinstate any scholarship that had been canceled.

How is my progress tracked?

The grade point average of students receiving merit scholarships is checked once a year in June when merit scholarships are renewed and spring grades are in.

We will check in on students awarded scholarships with volunteer requirements over the course of the year and a final determination will be made when the scholarships are renewed in June. If you are in danger of losing a volunteer-based scholarship, you will be notified well in advance of any decision to remove your scholarship.