Graduating Seniors

Student Loan Exit Interviews

Before you leave St. Olaf, refresh your memory about your student loans, their repayment terms and the loan conditions by completing student loan exit interviews. Student loan exit interviews are now available on-line for Stafford and Perkins Loans.

It is strongly recommended for Federal Stafford Loan and SELF loan borrowers and is required for Federal Perkins Loan borrowers before you can receive your diploma!

Student Loan Exit Interviews

Student Loan Repayment Information

In the next several months and years, you will be receiving information from several sources regarding your educational student loans. Your loan servicer(s) will be contacting you regarding repayment. Consolidation companies will be sending you information regarding consolidation options. Learn about the repayment information on your student loans in order to make informed decisions.

General Loan Repayment Information

Find Out Your Federal Loan History

You can find your entire Federal Loan History (Stafford Subsidized, Stafford Unsubsidized and Perkins Loans) online. You can find the information here and then click on “Financial Aid Review.”