Financing Study Abroad Programs

It is our hope that anyone who wants to participate in an off-campus study experience will be able to do so regardless of financial background.

Paying for Study Abroad FAQ’s

  • Will I receive financial aid if I participate in an off-campus study program?
    • Students receiving financial aid will continue to be eligible for financial aid while they are participating in a St. Olaf semester sponsored program and remain as a full-time student.
    • The only form of financial aid that students cannot receive while participating in an off-campus study program is student employment.
  • Will I get any extra scholarships if I choose to go on an off-campus study program?
    • St. Olaf has many endowed scholarship funds that are made possible by generous St. Olaf alumni and friends of the College to help reduce the cost of an off-campus study experience.
    • Some of these funds are for specific programs, while others are for any off-campus program.
    • Students who receive these funds must complete a thank you letter to the scholarship donor.
    • Funding varies from year to year and is never guaranteed.
  • What is the timing on St. Olaf off-campus study scholarships? Do I have to submit an application?
    • Generally students apply in February for Semester or Year-long programs, find out in March if they’ve been admitted to the program and get scholarship news in April.
    • The timing for Interim programs are that students apply in April, are admitted in May and find out about scholarship possibilities in June-July.
    • There is NO application for these scholarship funds. All students are automatically considered for these scholarships.
  • Are there any scholarships that aren’t from St. Olaf that I can receive while participating in an off-campus program?
    • There are some external programs that have scholarships available for qualified students. These scholarships are normally tied to a specific program (for instance, money from the Associated Colleges of the Midwest may only be for students participating in one of their programs).
    • A federal scholarship is the Gilman Scholarship. Students must receive the Pell Grant to be eligible for the Gilman Scholarship.

For additional information about the St. Olaf endowed scholarship opportunities for off-campus study, please review the enclosed St. Olaf Study Abroad Scholarship Fact Sheet

Please contact International and Off Campus Studies or the Financial Aid Office if you need further assistance with anything you see on this page.