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The members of the Department of Philosophy very much care about the well being of each student we work with, and this ongoing care and interest does not end at graduation.  We believe that “the St. Olaf community” is not limited to those current students, faculty, and staff, but extends to graduates as well.  You may not always feel that you are still in this community, but the impact of each major over the years and decades is very much real; it is part of our history as well as part of what makes us, as a department, who we are today. And one of the indications of your being part of a broader St. Olaf community is that each graduate philosophy major who visits will receive a huge welcome; each of you are  invited to attend our Belgum Lectures and any colloquium taking place.  And if graduates have pursued philosophy professionally, we would love to discuss ways in which you might return to campus to meet with current majors, to offer a paper for a seminar, or simply talk philosophy over coffee or what our President refers to as “an adult beverage.”

In the Fall of 2013, we contacted philosophy graduates to ask about their lives after they left this fair hill.  We were over the moon about the responses we received.  We have included below reports from the four quarters of the earth about our majors.  To the left you will find, in their own words, reports from our fine philosophy graduates.