Leadership Opportunities in Residence Life

There are dozens of ways to get involved on the St. Olaf campus. One of the best and easiest ways to connect with other students is to be active in the community where you live. Whether you’re learning leadership skills or working to improve the resources at our front desks, these opportunities in Residence Life may appeal to you.

Building Assistant and Hall Receptionist Applications

(15-16 Staff Applications are not yet available)

We are beginning the hiring process for Building Assistant and Hall Receptionist positions! Building Assistant applications are due April 17th and Hall Receptionist applications are due April 25th.

For Building Assistants:

If you apply to be a BA you will automatically be considered for a Hall Receptionist position if you are not offered a BA job, so you only need to fill out a BA application. Interviews will take place April 21st-23rd.

Position Descriptions can be found here.

Applications are online and can accessed here.

For Hall Receptionists:

If you are currently a Hall Receptionist, you MUST re-apply to have a job for 2014-2015. Interviews will take place in each hall April 28th – May 2nd. Your Area Coordinator or Building Assistant will contact you about interview times and locations. Depending on the number of applications received for each hall, not all applicants are guaranteed an interview.

Position Descriptions can be found here.

Applications are online and can be accessed here.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Jim Love, Assistant Director of Residence Life, via email, phone (x3011) or by stopping in Tomson 148.


RA and JC Applications

(Interim Applications and 15-16 Staff Applications are not yet available)

Student staff members are an invaluable asset to the Office of Residential Life. Our student staff are crucial to building inclusive, learning, and responsible residential communities. We are excited that you are considering becoming a member of our team!

We are currently accepting applications for Junior Counselor, Resident Assistant, Returning Staff, and Student Hall Coordinator positions for the upcoming school year! The information below will provide you with the information you need to go through the application process. Included are the job descriptions, job requirements, and the online applications.

Qualifications & Job Descriptions

Going Abroad?

Applicants that will be abroad during second semester should complete the application prior to November 27th. Candidates will be contacted to set up an interview shortly thereafter.

Applications for first-time Junior Counselors and Resident Assistants are due Friday, February 21st, 2014.

Junior Counselor Application

Resident Assistant Application

Applications for Returning Staff are due Wednesday, February 19th, 2014.

Returning Staff Application

Student Hall Coordinator Application

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Jim Love, Assistant Director of Residence Life, via email, phone (x3011) or by stopping in Tomson 148.


Student Leadership Institute


The student leadership institute is an opportunity sponsored by the Office of Residence Life to provide students who take an active leadership role in their communities to analyze, discover, and learn about the art of leadership. Any student involved in a leadership position has the opportunity to apply. This includes students in…

  • Honor Houses
  • Hall Council Executives and general members
  • Inter Hall Council Members
  • Junior Counselors, Resident Assistants, Senior Resident Assistants, and Student Hall Coordinators
  • Building Assistants
  • Hall Receptionists
  • SGA
  • Student Organizations
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Piper Center Peer Advisors

Ideally, approximately 12-15 students with varying leadership positions and experiences will make up the Student Leadership Institute. Institute Workshops will be held on campus twice per month on Wednesdays from 3:30-5pm.

The content of for the Student Leadership Institute has been derived from many sources, but particularly Ronald Heifetz’s Adaptive Leadership Theory and the Higher Education Research Institute’s Social Change Model for Leadership Development. The goals of the Student Leadership Institute include providing students the opportunity to:

  • To develop self-confidence and competence in their leadership abilities.
  • To build a theoretical base for leadership development and application.
  • To provide a foundation for the enhancement and future application of leadership skills.
  • To examine and develop effective interpersonal and communication skills.

Interested students should contact Joshua Lee at lee8@stolaf.edu. The series is set to begin in February 2015, however, if enough students are interested an additional series may be set up.  Any additional questions should be directed to Joshua Lee, Assistant Director of Residence Life – 507-786-3011 (lee8@stolaf.edu).


  Hall Council Membership



Sun, September 7 Hall Council Information Meetings in each Residence Hall

Tue, September 9 Applications are due by 11:00 p.m.

Wed, Sept 10 – Sept 17 Hall Council Candidate Campaigning

Sun, September 14 Hall Council Candidate Forums

Wed, September 17 Elections for Executive positions are held

Thu, September 18 Elections of Floor/Corridor Representatives are finalized

Sat, September 20 Hall Council Training Day 9am-3pm

Tue, September 23 Inter-Hall Council (IHC) Meeting (all Hall Presidents)


Hall Council has been the sponsoring body for cultural, social and recreational programming for the hall. Organization and committee structure vary from hall to hall and year to year to meet the needs of students in a specific hall. Currently all halls have a President, Vice President, Council Recorder, Treasurer, Hall Senator and floor and/or corridor representatives. Hall Councils assist the Area Coordinator in legislating residence hall policies regarding noise control, damage and other community concerns.

Hall Councils also serve as a link for the Student Senate. Hall Councils have an opportunity to present to the Student Senate and to the hall community student concerns of the residence hall community by:

• keeping the residents informed of residence hall, campus and Student Senate activities and issues;
• seeking information from residents to relay to Hall Council and Student Senate;
• coordinating the planning and implementation of educational, social, cultural, recreational and spiritual activities within the residence hall;
• legislating, with the guidance of the Area Coordinator, individual residence hall policies regarding noise control, damage and other mutual concerns;
• assisting the Area Coordinator in matters pertaining to the physical condition of the hall;
• encouraging concern for the quality of life and community development in the residence hall.



Hall Council
• is open to learning leadership skills through the position
• schedules, plans and conducts Hall Council meetings
- establishes agenda with input of the council, hall and advisor
- maintains a thorough knowledge of Hall Council constitution, policies and procedures
- insures all council events and decisions are within college policies
Residence Hall
• facilitates communication among the executive board, the council, hall and advisor
• motivates participation in the organization and its events
• promotes involvement of residents in community living through structure of committees and planned activities
• works cooperatively with the residence hall staff
• meets with the advisor weekly
Campus Community
• serves as the spokesperson for the Hall Council
• serves as a member of and represents the hall at the retreats and weekly meetings of Inter-Hall Council (IHC)


Hall Council
• is open to learning leadership skills through the position
• assumes the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence
• serves as the Hall Council parliamentarian
• organize discussions and sub-committees


Hall Council
• is open to learning leadership skills through the position
• distributes agendas to all council members
• promptly issues minutes after each meeting
• records and keeps a permanent file of minutes for all meetings to be placed in the hall archive at the end of the year
• keeps attendance records
Residence Hall
• keeps the hall informed of weekly meetings of hall council
• updates Hall Council board in the main lobby
- agendas
- minutes
Campus Community
• coordinates communication of activities within the residence hall and across campus
• notifies Student Activities of large hall activities for inclusion in campus calendar of events



Hall Council
• is open to learning leadership skills through the position
• disburses funds for expenditures approved by the Hall Council
• keeps financial records for the Council, following Business Office and Residence Life guidelines
• prepares budget for Council approval
• submits weekly financial reports to Council
• insures that all disbursements adhere to Council, college, state and federal guidelines
• meets monthly with the Assistant Director of Residence Life
• meets monthly with the advisor


Hall Council
• is open to learning leadership skills through the position
• reports to the Hall Council all Senate activities relating to hall and campus
• seeks concerns of the hall to relay to Senate and represents the hall’s views on issues
Residence Hall
• communicates Senate activities to hall
- bulletin board
- word of mouth
- newsletter (if an option)
• seeks information from residents about Senate issues
- surveys
- lobby table
- door to door visits
- attending floor/corridor meetings
Student Senate
• represents hall concerns to Senate
• reports hall events and accomplishments to Senate
• can miss no more than two meetings (Student Senate or Hall Council)
• participates on at least one Senate standing committee
• attends senate retreats

Professional Staff- The Residence Life professional staff members work full-time to manage on-campus housing at St. Olaf.