Residence Life Staff and Leadership Positions

Residence Life offers several opportunities to get involved with the campus community. Positions include an array of paid student staff positions as well as volunteer leadership roles. To fulfill the mission of St. Olaf and our commitment to promote learning outside of the classroom, Residence Life focuses on developing student’s leadership skills in eleven competencies with a tool we call the Leadership Competency Assessment. The leadership competencies are meant to provide an easy-to-use, efficient way to look at student strengths and weaknesses surrounding leadership to help maximize personal development from being involved on St. Olaf’s campus through Residence Life. Throughout the year, student’s leadership skills will be evaluated through self-assessments and observer comments from advisors/supervisors. The eleven competencies are split into three domains, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced:

  • Basic: The Basic Competencies are developed during a student’s first year in Residence Life through involvement in their community council, in day to day interactions, or in becoming a Hall Receptionist. These skills are continually refined as students progress through the organization and include communication, relationships, problem-solving and integrity.
  • Intermediate: The Intermediate Competencies are typically first approached during a student’s second year in Residence Life through involvement in leadership roles within community council or becoming an Inclusivity Advocate, Resident Assistant or Junior Counselor. Intermediate competencies include conflict resolution, judgment, team building and situation assessment.
  • Advanced: The Advanced Competencies are not fully developed in the majority of students during their time in Residence Life, although all students will be exposed to these competencies through their proximity to peers or advisors. These competencies are primarily honed through experience in returning leadership roles or as a Student Hall Coordinator, Building Assistant, Honor House President or Lead Inclusivity Advocate. Advanced competencies include instruction, strategic planning and vision.