Tutoring Program

Students At TutoringSt. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound students must attend weekly tutoring sessions offered at Target Schools. Students may attend during the day at a study hall or after school. St. Olaf Upward Bound staff are at the following schools at the indicated times and places

  • St. Paul Central High School:┬áMondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2pm-4 pm
  • St. Paul Humboldt High School:┬áMondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 2pm-4 pm

St. Olaf College tutors are only in attendance on the required Upward Bound tutoring day (Wednesday at Humboldt and Thursday at Central). Advisors are there to help on non-required tutoring days.

The structure of a “required” tutoring sessions is as follows:

  • Students check in, sign in, and pick up a warm-up
  • Students complete tutor log and list the subjects/tasks they wish to complete during the session
  • Students complete warm-up and any curriculum which may be due
  • St. Olaf College tutors assist students with homework. Students must be on task in order to qualify for stipends.
  • Student must sign out with an Advisor on the Upward Bound tutor log.
  • Tutors must keep track of all students with whom they work.