How to Apply

To apply for the St. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound program, it is required that you attend St. Paul Central, Creative Arts, Highland Park, Humboldt, or Open World Learning.  If you do not attend one of these schools, visit to see if your Minnesota high school has a TRIO Upward Bound program. TRIO Upward Bound participants are usually accepted during their 9th-grade year, though some exceptions are made for 10th graders to join the program. Participants of the St. Olaf TRIO Upward Bound Program are required to meet several expectations throughout their years in the program, including attending tutoring and monthly meetings with their academic advisors, maintaining at least a C average to meet the academic requirements necessary to attend a post-secondary institution, and attend yearly activities and the summer program. For more information on expectations, click on the link below.

St. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound Student Responsibilities Policy

To apply for the St. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound program, the interested student must first complete the Student Application. When completing the application, students are also given TWO Nominator Forms to give to teachers to recommend him/her to participate in Upward Bound. Nominating teachers should teach core classes such as math, science, English, social studies and foreign language. Teachers may click here to complete the nomination form online.

Once the Student Application is complete, a student must meet with a St. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound staff member at their school to complete additional steps of the application process. At this point, a parent application must be completed. To download the parent application in English, Spanish, or Hmong, please click on the links below.

St. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound Parent Application (English)

St. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound Niam Thiab Txiv/Tus Muaj Cai Saib Xyuas Me Nyuam Daim Ntawv (Hmoob)

St. Olaf College TRIO Upward Bound Aplicación de Padres/Guardián (Español)

After all application materials have been turned in, academic advisors will schedule an interview with the prospective participant. Admission to the program IS NOT automatic, and the best candidates will be added to the program. Good luck!