On a monthly basis, advisors meet with each student to see how students are performing in their classes and attendance. Advisors use Campus Student Portal to check on grades and evaluate students’ progress toward meeting grade goals or contracts. If a low grade is indicated (C- or below), the student is placed on a Monthly Academic Goal (MAG). A MAG may be completed for each low grade. The goals are set for a short enough time frame so if the student is really struggling, more action may be taken. Based on the discretion of the advisor, the student may be required to meet on a more frequent basis.

If a student fails to follow through or make adequate progress on a MAG, the student may be placed on a Student Contract. This contract, drawn up between an advisor and the student, has specific strategies for improvement. This contract is more closely monitored than a MAG and may be used to contract with the student for attendance at school or Upward Bound tutoring attendance, also.

If a student fails to follow through on their Student contract, they may be placed on a Probationary Contract. While on a Probationary Contract, the student may not earn stipends. Students not making adequate progress or who do not meet their contract will be dropped from the program. Parents/Guardians of students on probationary contracts will receive copies of the contract and may be contacted. Students who break provisions of the Student Responsibility Policy may also be placed on a probationary contract (poor attendance, etc.)

Once a year, advisors complete the Parent Contact Form, which is mailed to the parent and contains information for the parent about the student’s performance in school and St. Olaf College Upward Bound. St. Olaf Upward Bound advisors also send home any contracts or grade goals that are set with students.