Useful Links

Assessment Resources

This link provides a list of various professionals in the Northfield and greater Twin Cities Area who are qualified to assess and diagnose learning disabilities, mental health conditions, and more.

Medication Refills

The St. Olaf College Health Center can help with information on how to refill prescriptions for most medications. However, some medications, such as those for ADHD require some extra considerations. Follow this link to learn more from the St. Olaf Health Center.

What kind of disability documentation should I provide?

Follow this link to learn what we need to have on record in order to verify a disability and proceed with setting up appropriate accommodations.

Verification of Disability Form

Sometimes you don’t have your disability documentation handy. Perhaps it’s buried in some folder at home, or it’s been a while since you’ve seen that diagnosing physician. You can direct your diagnosing physician to this link to have them securely submit your records to DAC. (You will need to provide the physician with your consent to release this information first.) For your convenience, we have a blank Release of Information form you can print out and fax to them.

Release of Information Form

Download and complete this Release of Information form if you would like any records transferred from your provider to DAC, or from DAC to any other entity.

Accommodations for Study Abroad/Study Away

Will you need any academic accommodations while studying abroad or studying away? How about housing accommodations, plans for prescription refills, or any other logistics? Use the form located at this link to request any accommodations for your study abroad.

Accommodations for a Graduate School Exam

Are you planning to take the MCAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT? Learn about specific requirements of the various testing programs in order to apply for accommodations by following this link.



St. Olaf’s commitment to confidentiality of your records having to do with Disability and Access can be read about by following this link.

Grievance Policy

St. Olaf College has a grievance policy and procedures for resolving a complaint. Follow this link to learn more.