painting2Studio Use Policy

The St. Olaf College Department of Art/Art History facilities are available for use only to students currently enrolled in the art class associated with that particular studio/shop, also fifth year emerging artists and art/art history faculty and staff, if properly trained. This policy exists for reasons of safety, liability, and budgeting as well as space limitations. By definition, the facility includes studios, shops, offices, patios, galleries, tools, equipment and supplies. Building hours and airflow schedules apply. Individual shops and studios will have specific limitations. See Safety Manual for more information.

Art Lockers

Lockers are available to students enrolled in art courses. Students need to supply their own locks. Students may sign up to use a locker either in class or by signing up on the bulletin board in the Drawing Studio (Center for Art and Dance 216). Lockers must be signed out. Also, the lockers must be cleaned out at the end of each year (wiped clean with a wet rag and all contents removed.) If special circumstances warrant keeping a locker until the next term, the Academic Administrative Assistant in the main office needs to be notified.

Attendance Policy

The Department of Art and Art History feels that class attendance is crucial and grades will suffer if classes are missed. Consequences for missed classes are up to the individual professors. The Department also strongly supports student attendance at gallery openings and artist talks.

Art Materials Fee

Although studio art courses rarely require the purchase of textbooks, many require an art materials fee. This fee covers costs of art materials such as clay, wood, paper, paints, chemicals, steel, gases, etc. provided for the class. This fee will be charged to your account upon registration for the course.

For safety and environmental reasons, outside materials cannot be brought into the studios without permission from the Professor or Technical Supervisor.  If permission is given for outside materials, their cost will be the student’s responsibility.

On-Campus Exhibition Spaces

There are many venues on campus where student art is exhibited. Learn more about exhibiting your work on campus. Remember, there are always risks displaying work in unsupervised spaces. The college is not responsible for work lost through damage or theft. Possible exhibition spaces include:

Groot Gallery (South Gallery)
Kelsey Theatre
Halverson Music Library
Buntrock “Cage Hallway”
Buntrock- Hallway by Telecom Office (Lower Level)
Regents Hall

Storage in the Center for Art and Dance

Storage of student art and supplies in the Center for Art and Dance is carefully regulated for reasons of safety, fire code, and housekeeping. Other than lockers, no hallway or stairwell storage is allowed. In most studio classes, a cubby or shelf will be assigned for use during the semester in which the student is participating in the class. Students are required to remove their supplies and artwork from the studio once the semester is over. The Department of Art/Art History is not responsible for belongings left behind by students.