Faculty and Staff

Sarah K. Amugongo
Assistant Professor of Biology

Skeletal Biology and Physiology

Diane Angell
Assistant Professor of Biology

animal ecology, animal behavior, conservation

Lisa Bowers
Assistant Professor of Biology (on leave fall/interim)

microbiology, molecular biology, synthetic biology, genetics

Eric Cole

Eric Cole
Professor of Biology, Grace A. Whittier Endowed Chair in Science

developmental biology, particularly pattern formation in ciliates

Kevin Crisp
Associate Professor of Biology

physiology, neuroscience, computational modeling

Jay Demas
Associate Professor of Biology and Physics (on leave 2017-18)

visual neurophysiology, developmental neurobiology, circadian biology

Steve Freedberg
Associate Professor of Biology, Director of Mathematics Biology Concentration

evolutionary ecology, bioinformatics, population genetics

Sara Fruehling
Visting Assistant Professor of Biology

Teaching Intermediate Genetics

John Giannini
Associate Professor of Biology

membrane transport associated with plants and fungi

Kim Kandl
Associate Professor of Biology, Chair of Biology

cellular and molecular biology, genetics and cytoskeleton and mitochondrial function

Norman Lee
Assistant Professor of Biology

Norman Lee will be teaching Bio 150 (Biodiversity Foundations) this fall.

Laura Listenberger
Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry

cell biology, including metabolism and nutrient storage

Emily Mohl
Assistant Professor of Biology and Education

Overall research interests: evolution and ecology of food webs, plant-insect interactions, introduced species, science education.

Beth Pettitt
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Will be teaching Biology of Women (BIO 124) and Evolutionary Foundations of Biodiversity (BIO 150). My research interests are Behavioral Ecology and Wildlife Field Research.

Jean Porterfield
Associate Professor of Biology

evolutionary biology; molecular ecology; genetic analysis; social context and applications of science

Kevin Potts
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Wildlife behavior, ecology, and conservation, especially African primates

Wade Schulz
Biology Stockroom Manager

Stockroom Manager

Kathy Shea
Professor of Biology, Curator, Natural Lands

plant evolutionary ecology, restoration and community ecology, sustainable agriculture, conservation

Kathie Towler
Academic Administrative Assistant

I am happy to help you with anything that you need. Stop by my office any time!

Jo Tran
Biology Stockroom Assistant

Stockroom Assistant

Charles Umbanhowar Jr.
Professor of Biology, The Paul and Mildred Hardy Distinguished Professor of Science

paleoecology, disturbance ecology of prairies

Anne Walter
Professor of Biology, Co-Advisor - Biology in South India

biological membranes and their lipid components using fluorescence, other optical techniques, and metabolic enzyme adaptations to their environments.