Class Registration Exception Information

Class Registration Exception Information

We receive numerous requests from students who are interested in registering for a class for which they do not yet qualify by the direct standards.  We do consider exceptions. However, we cannot grant all the requests we receive, as this would change the make-up of the class to our traditional broader group – it would no longer be an advanced class by an objective measure.

Consideration of exceptions to the class requirements begins June 1.  Exceptions are then considered based on strength and age fit, along with availability in the “target” class.  (If there is sufficient demand, an additional instructor may be hired.

We wait until June 1 for several reasons.  First, there is a great deal of scholastic chess played from February 1 to June 1.  This includes state championships, national championships, various special scholastic events, and also special events such as the amateur team tournaments and Memorial Day tournaments.  This large number of events provides significant opportunity for ratings changes, and therefore the possibility of directly qualifying for the class.  We believe this can be a motivation for a student and quite rewarding if a student can qualify directly.  Additionally, this approach provides the first registration opportunity to those students who do directly qualify.

We believe it is important that students understand the purposes of the class requirements before they decide whether to apply for an exception. There are a few purposes for the class requirements:

  1. To ensure that a student is directed to the ‘best fit’ class opportunity,
  2. To ensure to other class students that all students in a class are prepared to contribute at an appropriate level with respect to the class material.
  3. To allow instructors to appropriately plan for the class.

To apply for an exception, we recommend the following:

  1. Register for the camp, in the section for which you qualify
  2. On the registration form, in the Notes/Comments area, note that you are interested in an exception
  3. Send a confirming email the last week of May to  Include any relevant tournament results.  A recommendation from a chess coach is useful.
  4. If you are granted an exception, you will be notified, and then billed for the difference in registration fee.

Exceptions are made first from among students who are registered in the camp and have requested an exception, and only later from new registrants post June 1.