Departments: Reserving Rooms for External Groups

St. Olaf departments, offices, or organizations may request to waive facility use fees for a non-St. Olaf group if it complements the mission of the college. The department/employee is to ensure compliance with all rules associated with the use of the space and represent good stewardship on behalf of St. Olaf College. The department contact acts as event coordinator and is responsible for the successful operation of the event.

*** If your department will host a meeting involving an outside group to discuss college business or to benefit the college you need only reserve your space through R25 and do not need to follow the steps below. ***

To reserve meeting space for outside groups holding their events during June – August: Contact the Conferences and Events Office at or call x3042.

To reserve meeting space for outside groups holding their events during the academic year, September – May follow the steps below:

1.  Complete room request in R25.  Your request will be pending until you complete the remaining steps:
2.  Complete the Request to Waive Facilities Fees form and have it approved by Associate Provost or Vice President.  Academic departments need approval from the Associate Provost and all other departments from their Vice Presidents.
3.  Complete the Outside Group Facilities Agreement – Fees Waived, have it signed by the outside group. The agreement has highlighted sections, you must drop in the correction information, removed highlights, save as PDF and have the outside group sign. The agreement will be counter signed by the Director of Conferences and Events after you have turned the forms into the scheduler.
4.  Collect insurance rider (as noted in the agreement) from the outside group.  Insurance needs:  Prior to the event the out side group must provide the College with a certificate of insurance in a form acceptable to the College which includes: A) a minimum of $2 million general liability, B) St. Olaf College must be named as an “Additional Insured” on the certificate, C) Valid for dates of event.  The Licensee must notify the college 30 days in advance of any changes or cancellation of coverage.
Policy can be purchased through an agent of your choice or through EIIA;  instructions can be found at
5.  Return all three documents to the room scheduler.  Upon receipt of the signed waiver, agreement and insurance form your room reservation will be upgraded from tentative/pending to confirmed.