Faculty Resources

Research/inquiry is a great opportunity for faculty to collaborate with enthusiastic and high-quality undergraduate students, further enriching their education. This can also be a chance to spark a student’s interest in a particular area of study, providing further direction to students in search of their academic niche.

Why get involved in undergraduate research?

  • Opportunity to get to know students outside of the classroom
  • Reward of passing on knowledge and skill while watching students grow academically under one’s guidance
  • Give students a sense of the various career paths that may be taken to get to where you are today
  • Faculty can enrich their own research with properly structured projects.

What is expected of me as an undergraduate research/inquiry faculty mentor?

  • Set clear and high standards for student performance
  • Offer opportunities such as co-publishing and/or conference presentations when appropriate
  • Give both positive feedback and constructive criticism
  • Frequent, regularly scheduled communication with students, answering all questions to the best of one’s ability in a timely manner

What are the best ways to inform students of an available position on my research team?

  • Students may be intimidated to meet with a faculty member out of the blue
  • Posting information about current research projects outside office doors for students to peruse may be one way to make the initial interaction less nerve-wracking
  • Students can become familiar with the type of research a faculty member may be interested in conducting prior to setting up a time to meet in person
  • Students may also be able to formulate questions about current projects prior to meeting with the faculty member

How do I order supplies for my project?

  • In early May you will receive an e-mail from the CURI director with your spending unit number and your sub-account number along with an approved amount you are able to spend on supplies for your project.
  • You may order supplies through the CURI administrative assistant, through your departmental AAA or yourself.
  • Remember to use St. Olaf’s tax exempt status and save all receipts.
  • Reimbursement forms must be completed using appropriate account numbers and signed by your Supervisor and the CURI director.

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