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Mentored Undergraduate Research Summer Projects

Independent Student Summer Research: Steen Fellowships

2018 Steen Fellows

  • Shaquille Brown, Political Science ’19, Patois Integration into a English curriculum in Jamaican Schools
  • Lamar Gayles, Art History/Race & Ethnic Studies/Individual Major ’19, Scintillating Histories: Copper and Brass Jewelry in the Black and African Diaspora
  • Siriana Lundgren, Music Performance ’19, Music, Race, and Gender Identity in American Frontier Culture
  • Jordan Moran, Economics ’19, Endowment Opportunity Costs: Amenity Quality and Exclusivity within US Colleges

2017 Steen Fellows

  • Jack Goldstein, Biology, 2018, Kinetics of the Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Anne Gaspers and Olive Dwan, Political Science/Norwegian, Sociology-Anthropology/Studio Art, 2018, Bridging Divided Communities: The Potential for Social Integration in Creating Peaceful Societies
  • Maximilian McKune, Theater/Psychology, 2018, Personal Growth and Community Uplift Through Performance on Chicago’s West Side

2016 Steen Fellows

  • Hannah Kruse, Sociology/Anthropology, 2018, No Strings Attached: An Anthropologic Study of the Relationship Between Puppet and Puppeteer
  • Emma Muter, Nursing, 2018 The Nurse’s Role in Geriatric Communities
  • Jack Langdon, BM: Composition/Theory, 2017, Creating an Electronic Opera: composing “The End of Saro” for The St. Olaf Lyric Theater
  • Peder Tune, Political Science, 2017, Living the Dream?: Exploring Normative Understandings of American Success in the All American City