Division of Student Life


Services to help and support students so they can make the most of their St. Olaf experience.


The Division of Student Life supports the Mission of St. Olaf College by fostering a community that promotes intellectual, ethical, spiritual, physical and social development of students; and is responsive to their evolving needs.


Genuine care for students, inclusivity, teamwork, integrity, quality, innovation, consistency

The Division of Student Life seeks to be active agents of change as we collectively work towards a more just and anti-racist society. Read our divisional statement and view resources to join in the work.

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Guiding Vision

Create opportunities for students to live in an inclusive community

Promote health and safety of community members

Serve as a catalyst for student involvement

Teach personal responsibility, holding students accountable to community standards and each other

Develop leadership skills and abilities in students


Champion Student Success
  • Provide institutional strategies and support for fostering a healthy and inclusive campus community
  • Prepare students to be successful in and out of the classroom
Construct a Culture of Assessment
  • Provide guidance and training regarding assessment goals, timeline, and measurement
  • Using assessment data demonstrate student growth and engagement
  • Initiate an assessment cycle
Commit to Excellence
  • Disseminate clear and effective division communication strategies – both internal and external
  • Promote professional staff participation in regular training and ongoing development