Amcon Digital Library

Faculty: Colin Wells, English Department and Eric Fure-Slocum, History Department
Project Date: Summer 2015
Project Type: Online resource and teaching materials repository

Project Description:

This is phase 2 of an ongoing project to create and build out a comprehensive web-based repository that will house all digital resources used by teachers and students in the American Conversations program. This project builds on a CURI project completed in summer 2014 by Prof. Matt Rohn and senior student Jay Carlson, who researched and tested formats and technologies, and developed a portal shell and initial content. During the summer of 2015 a large collection of digital resources was curated and annotated, making it ready for inclusion in the St.Olaf academic repository when it becomes available. Additionally, the American Conversations web presence was updated and substantially expanded.

The screencasts below provide an overview of the project work and a brief tour of the interim repository.

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