Standard Data Reports for Department/Program Reviews, Annual Reports

The following is a list of longitudinal data reports provided annually to each associate dean and department/program chair for use in annual reports and department/program reviews. As appropriate, reports are prepared for each primary home department, program, or major, as
well as for each Faculty and college-wide.

All reports can be found in the following Google Drive:

G:\Academic Division Reports\

1. Faculty Resources

a. Number of faculty members, by appointment type, rank, gender, race/ethnicity

i. Fac-GenderRankAppt.pdf
ii. Fac-GenderRankAppt-College-wide.pdf
iii. Fac-RaceEthnicAppt.pdf
iv. Fac-RaceEthnicAppt-College-wide.pdf

b. Teaching FTE, by primary home department and by program

i. Fac-TchFTE-byHomeDept.pdf
ii. Fac-TchFTE-byProgram.pdf
iii. Fac-TchFTE-College-wide.pdf

c. Grant/research FTE, organized activity FTE, administrative FTE by primary home

i. Fac-NonTchFTE.pdf
ii. Fac-NonTchFTE-College-wide.pdf

d. Total number advisees, advisees per faculty by primary home department

i. Fac-AdviseeCounts.pdf

e. Each faculty member’s courses and enrollments by primary home department

i. Fac-CourseEnrollments-byInstructor.pdf

f. Each faculty member’s personnel details of hire, promotion, appointments, leaves
by primary home department

i. Fac-PersonnelDetails.pdf

g. Total FTE by home departments, summary by FTE type

i. Fac-TotalFTE-byHomeDept.pdf

2. Courses

a. Course enrollments, totals per section

i. Courses-SectionEnrollmentTotals.pdf

b. Mean enrollments by Faculty, program and level. Highest and lowest enrollment by
Faculty, program and level. Largest 10 and smallest 10 enrolled sections. Lowest
enrolled sections: level I under 10; level II under 8; level III under 6

i. Courses-Average+MaxMinSectionEnrollments.pdf

c. Enrollments per teaching FTE

i. Courses-Credits per FTE-byProgram-Faculty.pdf

d. Summary of Grades Earned: by Course, by Department and College-wide

i. Sem I Grades Summary by Course.pdf
ii. Sem I Grades Summary by Dept.pdf
iii. Interim Grades Summary by Course.pdf
iv. Interim Grades Summary by Dept.pdf
v. Sem II Grades Summaries by Course.pdf
vi. Sem II Grades Summaries by Dept.pdf
[Additional report to be distributed separately to individual department chairs only:
Comparison of individual faculty members within given department to college
average. Reports will include each faculty member’s average grade and department
average grade; frequency distributions of grades by faculty member and by

e. Total student credits earned in each specified GE requirement and percent of those
credits earned in each program

3. Students

a. Number of declared majors each year

i. Students-MajorsDeclared.pdf

b. Majors Awarded by gender, race/ethnicity/international

i. Students-MajorsGenderRaceEthnic.pdf
ii. Students-byFacMajorsGenderRaceEthnic.pdf

c. Concentrations Awarded by gender

i. Students-ConcentrationsGender.pdf

d. Interactive tool to select single/double/triple majors of interest

i. MajorsAwarded-InteractiveTool.xlsx
ii. Majors+ConcentrationsAwarded-InteractiveTool.xlsx

e. Number of majors and concentrators certified for graduation or participation in
graduation – website links updated each July:

i. Undergraduate Majors, most recent 15 years
ii. Undergraduate Concentrations, most recent 15 years

f. First Destination Outcomes

i. Classes of 2011–14 searchable database by major, occupation, etc.