Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IR&E) serves as a comprehensive source of information about St. Olaf College. Our mission is to provide data, reports, and research that support institutional planning, strengthen teaching and learning, and promote understanding of the nature and quality of education at St. Olaf.

We work with faculty, staff, administrators, and students throughout the college, and we collaborate with colleagues at other colleges and professional associations.

What’s New?

Assessment of Student Learning

HEDS Alumni Survey: Spring 2018 results

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE): Spring 2018 results

Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE): Fall 2017 results

Research Practices Survey (RPS): 2016-17 Results

Institutional Data & Information

Enrollment Profiles, entering class, most recent 5 years

Student retention & Graduation statistics

undergraduate Majors, most recent 10 years

Undergraduate Concentrations, most recent 10 years

Number of Degrees and Majors Awarded

2018-2019 common data set